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5 Tips To Keep Your Clothes Smelling Fresh

DidYouKnow, a pleasant smell plays a vital role in making us feel vibrant and relaxed, be it from the aroma of incense or something as personal as our clothes…


Talking of clothes, it’s not just how well you clean them that is important, but also how you store them thereafter, to keep them looking and smelling fresh for longer, so you can revel in their ‘freshness’ whenever you wear them.

Here are some handy tips to keep your clothes smelling fresh in the wardrobe:

Tip1: Keep your wardrobe clean, and clean it specially before putting clothes in it because dirty storage can transfer nasty odors to your clothes. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt or use a damp rag to clean the closet.

Tip 2: Never put dirty clothes in a wardrobe. Make sure you have laundered all clothes before storing them so as to remove sweat and other odor causing particles.

Tip 3: Never store moist garments in a closet. Mildew and a bad odor quickly develop if any moisture remains on the clothes. Also, hang the clothes keeping few inches between them to let the air circulate.

Tip 4:Unwrap ascented soap and keep itin the wardrobe or use a room freshener to make it smell good.

Tip 5: You can even create your own freshener by jabbing a few cloves into an orange. This will last about a week and leave a nice citrus smell in your closet.

Remember, a good fragrance can do wonders to your mood. So don’t just wear your clothes…allow them to perk you up the next time you wear them.

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